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Rename or convert tumblr html files to jpg

If you’re a fan of tumblr picture blogs then your more than likely came across the issue of downloading images files that saved as a htm or html instead of jpg depending on your windows operating system. When you browse the folder where the htm/html files are located you cannot view them unless you manually rename them  to jpg. I find that to be time consuming, just imaging manually renaming 100+ files.  Being frustrated i downloaded numerous file renamer applications and converters from cnet website but none of them did the job i was looking for.  With thousands of htm/html files sitting on my hard drive i decided to hire a freelancer to code  a desktop application which would complete the task of renaming my html files to .jpg. Below You will find a youtube video tutorial on how to use the Tumblr file renamer, a screen shot of the application in question and also a download link.